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Architectural Specification

The roofing/walling shall be 0.50mm TCT in IMETAL I-CLIPTM decking in continuous lengths with trapezoidal ribs 38mm high. Sheeting material shall be protected steel sheet to AZ150/AZ200 aluminium/zinc alloy coating with infrared-baked paint film of selected colour from COLOURCOIL® range.



Profile Thickness Paint System Coating System
IMetal I-CLIP TM 0.55mm TCT
0.50mm TCT
AZ 200
AZ 150


All building products need to be checked for compatibility with adjacent materials. These checks need to be for both direct contact between materials, and where water runs from one material to another. The following guidelines generally avoid material incompatibility:

  • For zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel, avoid copper, lead, green or treated timber, stainless steel and mortar or concrete.


All fastening screws must conform to AS3566 - Class 3. For connecting to purlins or top hats use:





IMETAL I-CLIPTM decking is readily installed with or without fibreglass insulation blanket. If practical, lay sheets in the opposite direction to prevailing weather. Installation of IMETAL I-CLIPTM decking is a straightforward procedure using the following fixing sequence:

  1. Ensure all purlins are in line and correctly installed. Using a string line or the edge of the first sheet, align the first row of fixing clips. Screw the clips to the purlins in the same order as the direction of laying.
  2. Locate the first sheet over the clips with the correct projection at each end of the sheet. Each roof must hook into the clip snap each rib on to the clip at every purlin, always in the order of the direction of laying. Note - Do not use undue force: the deck will easily accommodate clip entry.

Snap ribs on to clip in order - 1-2-3

  1. Hinge next clip about trailing edge of the first sheet, allowing it to fall to the purlin. Ensure correct fitting to the deck edge and that it is sitting on the extended tail of the preceding clip. Align fixing holes together then fasten clip to purlin as before.
  2. Continue to lay sheets as before. From time to time measure coverage of sheets at ridge and eaves to maintain squareness.
  3. At end of purlin cut fixing clip (and, if necessary, the roof sheet) to suit.
  4. Turn up ends of sheet at ridge and turn down eaves ends into gutters using the turn up/down tool.
  5. Secure leading and trailing edge of the roof with a full or cut-back clip, or sealed fasteners through the roof tray, at every purlin. Cover these with side flashings, install all flashings as required to weatherproof and complete the roof.
  6. Clean the roof after each day's work, removing all screws, cuttings, swarf etc, and leave roof clean and watertight. Repair any minor blemishes in colour coated finishes with supplied touch-up paint.

Each clip box has an illustration of the basic clip fixing technique.




The unique IMETAL roofing compresses blanket during installation making fixing easy. Blanket up to 50mm in thickness can be readily used and is known to provide at least STC25. For better and specific acoustic requirement, kindly contact our personnel.


For tropical weather, IMETAL recommended double sided AI foils or bubble foils with of min 9 micron. A buildup of metal roof with AI foils, coupled with sufficient air gaps is proven to bring down the heat to comfortable level. For better and specific thermal requirement, kindly contact our personnel.


IMETAL decking can be easily cut, where required, using a power saw with a steel cutting blade or a power nibbler and, for localized cutting, tin snips. Avoid the use of abrasive discs as there can cause burred edges and coating damage. Cutting using abrasive disc also results in unsightly edges. As good practice, clean the roof everyday after finishing work for the day.


As with all roofing products, we recommend extra caution be taken when walking on the roof. When walking on IMETAL roofing always wear flat rubber soled shoes and place feet only in the pans, taking care to avoid the last pan or two near edges of the metal roof area.